About Us

Elecosy is an eco-friendly, fair trade company made up of a team of professionals from the paper and interior design industries based in Belgium, the UK and Germany.

We are passionate about design, innovation, quality and choice of eco-friendly products.We are dedicated to sourcing and creating natural products, and giving back to the communities with which we work to build a more sustainable future for us all.

The idea for Elecosy evolved from a visit by paper industry expert Frank C. to the Maximus paper company at the Millennium Elephant Foundation in Kegalle at the foothills of Sri Lanka’s beautiful central mountainous region.

Winner of many prestigious awards including the BBC/Shell/Newsweek World Challenge in 2006 for its ‘Peace Paper’ project and the Energy Globe Foundation’s National Energy Globe Award in 2012, Maximus employs local people to collect elephant poo which is then transformed into beautiful handmade paper products. This provides a financial incentive that helps reduce poverty in the area.

Inspired by the Maximus mission to conserve the Sri Lanka elephant (Elephus Maximus), help create a sustainable local economy and to address the conflict over land between man and the wild elephants for mutual benefit, Frank and business colleague Mady S. decided to bring elephant poo paper to a wider international audience.