Mount Ololokwe

In December 2020, scientists in central Kenya were following an elephant herd led by their matriarch, Naisula. She was carrying a radio collar and leading the herd in search of food , around the lands of the Samburu people.

What they didn’t expect and what they can’t explain, is why she led the herd to the top of Mount Ololokwe , some 2000 metres above sea level.

See the sacred mountain below and the tracking route in pink.

All told, the herd spent one month on the mountain before descending.

The question is -why?

It could be that they were in search of specific plants or trees. Elephants are well known to have extensive knowledge of medicinal plants. Or something tasty – the mountain is very green , with cedar forests and waterfalls , so
perhaps it was a little bit of agritourism on the part of the herd…..

Or, maybe it was shelter; perhaps they were running away from danger and stayed there long enough to be sure that the danger had passed.

Or maybe, it was just a holiday….a break from the central Kenyan plains.

Whatever the reason, one thing you can be sure of. There was a reason for it , as elephants know exactly what they are doing and why.

The collars are paid for and fitted by the excellent organisation , Save the Elephants.

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