Meet Nosey , now a happy resident of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

But , of course, it wasn’t always like that.

Nosey was born in Zimbabwe nearly 40 years ago , captured in the wild at the age of two and brought to Florida, packed in a plane with 20 other ‘liberated’ elephants.

The man responsible for this was Arthur Jones, a multi millionaire US businessman, with a 700 acre private estate in Florida, complete with private air strip.

The so-called Jumbolair Estate in Ocala.

His dream was to create a herd of 60 African Elephants and start a ‘ true American elephant herd’.

In his autobiography , published much mater in his life, he admitted that he had taken part in elephant culls in Zimbabwe, where more than 20 elephants at a time would be slaughtered with machine guns. At the time, he says, he thought that this was necessary because of the overpopulation of elephants in Zimbabwe.

Later , he says, he came to regret his actions and wanted to give something back. This was the reason given for taking 60 elephants from the Wild…..

In just a few years though, Arthur Jones decided that he could no longer afford his herd and started to sell them off to the highest bidder. Nosey was sold first to an animal dealer and then on to the Liebel Family Circus , where she remained for 29 years, the only elephant performer.

Finally, in 2017 , a group of dedicated people managed to get a judgement from a Court in Alabama , to free Nosey, on grounds of mistreatment and she was taken to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. A really fine institution –

To see how Nosey reacts ( left elephant with short tusks) , on seeing another elephant for the first time in 29 years go to –

She struggles with health problems caused by neglect , but finally can find some peace in Tennessee.

We made a notebook to honour another former resident of the Elephant Sanctuary – Shirley , who sadly passed away earlier this year, but after 20 years happy years with the Sanctuary.

So, this is dedicated to the Elephant Sanctuary , a project most worthy of your support

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