An Elephant Bibliography

Just a selected list from my experience……please suggest others in comments!

Travels on my Elephant by Mark Shand ( 1991) Eland Publishing

The founder of Elephant Family buys an elephant and rides her across India to the Sonepur Mela. The last page, with a eulogy to Tara , is recommended ( and all the others, of course)

Queen of the Elephants by Mark Shand ( 1996) Vintage Press

A sequel, desribing his experiences in India , with Parbati Barua a renowned elephant expert from Assam

Jumbo by John Sutherland ( 2014) Aurum Press

A biograhy of the first elephant to be named so – but much more, all about elephants. Did you know that Colchester was forced to surrender in AD34, when Claudius arrived with 40 elephants? A treasure trove of information.

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony ( 2009) Sidgwick & Jackson

Lawrence runs a game reserve in Zululand and agrees to take a herd of elephants – traumatised it turns out – that have been displaced. A remarkable story of how the two come to terms with each other

An Elephant in my Kitchen by Francoise Malby-Anthony ( 2018) Just Publishers NL

The sequel , where Francoise, Anthony’s Widow, continues to run the Reserve on her own. A parisian who had her life changed radically and forever.

Elephant Don by Caitlin O’Connell ( 2015) University of Chicago Press

A truly remarkable woman, scientist and author , the first person to propound the theory that elephants communicate over long distances. In this book, she explores the politcs of a herd in Namibia , in particular the male hierarchy.

Elephantoms by Lyall Watson ( 2008) W.W.Norton & Co

An intelligent discussion on elephants , a description of a childhood in the Western Cape and a book with a very unusual central premise. Stimulating and unusual!

Among the Elephants by Iain and Oria Douglas-Hamilton ( 1975)

Collins & Harvill Press

Pioneer researchers and fighters of poaching in Eastern Africa , describing their observations of elephants and their fight against the ivory trade

( thanks to Tony from Elephant Haven)

Gods in Chains by Rhea Ghosh (2005) Foundation Books

A review of the plight of the captive elephant in India, with practical advice on how to lessen their suffering. A tough read, but for all of us who have seen elephants outside temples , one that should be made.

( thanks to Tony from Elephant Haven)

Hastividyarnava by Sukumar Barkaith ( approx 1730)

original document archived in Guwahati

A manual on how to train elephants in the royal stables of the King of Assam. Illustrations by Dilbar and Dosai

( thanks again to Tony from Elephant Haven)

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