Elephant & Rhino Paper

Almost 4 billion trees – around 35% of the total trees cut down each year – are used in paper industries all over the world. Yet paper can be made without a negative impact on the environment.

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The story of Maximus and Chakra

Maximus started production of elephant dung papers in 1997 on land next to the Millennium Elephant Foundation, near Kegalle, in the middle of Sri Lanka. The project was started with the idea to stop people shooting elephants. Human / elephant conflict was a constant problem on the island. This way Maximus could ensure that people would value the elephant as a source of income. The range of products has steadily evolved over time, as has the commitment to Fair Trade principles and quality. 

We as Elecosy have further developed the more modern look of the Maximus products , with our own designs and ideas for new products. The work that Maximus and Elecosy do together brings employment to remoter parts of Sri Lanka, where it is much needed ; it helps with elephant conservation and respects the environment of Sri Lanka.  We think it is true recycling : no trees are cut down to make the paper, no chemicals used in the processing. The project aims to make a difference by turning elephant dung into beautiful products and thereby making a difference to people’s lives, to the wildlife of Sri lanka and to the environment.

Chakra provide us with their special leaf prints.  These are made with elephant dung paper and leaves from four Sri Lankan trees. Together, we are developing new products, using this simple but charming technique.

The Story of ElRhino

ElRhino is a dung paper maker working to support the conservation and protection of the great one-horned rhinoceros and the Indian elephant, as well as the remote forests of Assam in north eastern India, where they live. They use rhinoceros and elephant dung along with other forest waste to produce high quality hand crafted paper which is both tree free and also free of harmful chemicals.

Their goal is to connect the wellbeing of these endangered animals with the welfare of local communities, effectively preventing conflicts between humans and animals, and preserving the forests. When you buy our paper products, you give the people of Assam a reason to save these beautiful animals and participate in sustainable development.

It gives us great pleasure to bring a piece of these forests into your home, all in perfect harmony with the ecosystem and the digestive system.

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