Recycled Cotton Paper

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The story of Auroville Papers

Auroville Papers is an enterprise of the international city of Auroville in South India dedicated to human unity. A place for experiments and research.

Their aspiration is to manifest beauty and bring it into many aspects of their daily life.

Their international team works in tandem with local villagers and produces handmade paper stationery, jewellery  and decorative artwork, such as flowers and bowls.

They try to contribute to the flowering of creative capacities and to maintain an atmosphere of constant learning and striving for perfection.

They are giving their employees a clean environment, they promote their economic and social progress, and they encourage their creative capacities.

71 % are women coming from the surrounding villages.

The Auroville paper is a handicraft product made of cotton and vegetal fibres, for which no trees need to be cut. The designer is nature itself, inscribing on their paper the infinitely diverse calligraphy of its leaves, flowers and pods.

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