Elephant sculptures available again - in 4 sizes !

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Chimp sculpture
Original price was: € 50,00.Current price is: € 25,00.
Photo albums
 24,99 25,01
Flower blocks
 11,98 70,00
 15,00 17,00
Shoulder bags Large
Original price was: € 35,01.Current price is: € 24,99.
Shoulder bags small
Original price was: € 25,00.Current price is: € 20,00.

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Elephant Dung Paper Products

Elecosy: elephant dung paper products

Make someone happy with a present – even yourself – and buy some elephant dung paper, that helps the good people of Sri Lanka, helps elephant conservation and contributes to a sustainable world.

And feels nice , writes well and spreads positivity.

Recycled Cotton Paper

See what’s possible to be done with the waste scraps of cotton, turning them into beautiful cotton paper products….and help support a small community of beautiful Tamil women ( and a few beautiful Tamil men) who make everything for you, by hand.

Elecosy: cotton paper

Rhino and elephant dung

The tribal people of the far North Eastern Indian state of Assam , will be very happy that you buy their paper, made from rhino and elephant dung mixed, together with some cotton waste. It’s lovely paper , strong and textured.

There are 2000 one-horned rhinos left in this area and we are all doing our best to keep them in the wild. Join us and do your bit, in your own way, by writing on their dung…..trust me, it’s a nice experience.